San Diego Comic Con 2014: 100 Hottest Cosplay Girls of SDCC

San Diego Comic Con 2014 cosplay

There’s another San Diego Comic Con behind us, and we goofed over sexy sights like our first look at the new Wonder Woman, plus Megan Fox and a sexy Sin City party, in addition to geeking out over some new trailers and poster designs–but we sure can’t neglect those cosplay gals. We’ve already enjoyed an early look at the first influx of hot geek gals in tight latex outfits (and other things). Now it’s time to look back at the fine fantasy girls that walked around Comic Con over the event’s final weekend.

This year’s  Comic Con didn’t disappoint, either. We have some sizzling Scarlet Witches, and some captivating Captain Marvels (you know, the Carol Danvers version), plus the inevitable Power Girl display of powerful cleavage. We never take Power Girl for granted, though. We also have some very sexy variations on wholesome Disney figures, plus some nice variations on Watchmen characters–including a take on Dr. Manhattan that we really wish had been walking around in the big-screen version.

Video game characters also got caught wandering the grounds, plus some real surprises that remind us why the San Diego Comic Con remains a vital destination for geeks of all kinds. We know that we’d have been seriously geeking out before even getting into the convention hall. So check out all of these hot pics–including a few shots of gals who were thoughtful enough to take selfies before hitting the hallowed halls. You might get stumped by some of the characters, but you won’t mind staring at the pics while trying to remember…

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