Jenna Bryant on "Halt and Catch Fire" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Jenna Bryant on Halt and Catch Fire

(10:00 PM EST, AMC)

The brain trust at your See Her Tonight column happens to know a little bit about the history of computers, so we’ve been enjoying Halt and Catch Fire as a cable drama about the pioneering days of Silicon Valley. Tonight, however, is a very special episode that includes one of the most important moments in the history of personal computers. That would be when the PC industry joined the ranks of auto shows and boat shows in bringing in booth babes to lure in potential buyers. And we’re sure sold on Jenna Bryant stepping up to portray that pivotal role.  [photo via…]
Jenna Bryant came out of a Birmingham, Alabama suburb, and wisely headed off to California to get her degree in Fashion Design And you know what happens when a girl like Jenna Bryant starts hanging around Hollywood. It wasn’t long before Jenna realized that she could have a pretty good career in front of the camera. That’s partly because Jenna has a lot more to contribute than just a hot bod.
Yes, we’ll admit that Jenna first caught our eye amongst a parade of hot babes in last year’s horror spoof Paranormal Whacktivity. The 5’9″ beauty easily stood out, though, and we were soon enjoying her really great personality in her Don’t Talk In The Kitchen series, which is like The View with women that wouldn’t scare away most guys.
We’re going to keep following Jenna via her official site, but these pic will prove why you want to get started by tuning in to her tonight. And get ready for the sexiest shot of a barbecue sandwich that you’ve seen in a long time….

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