The Best of 2014 Comic-Con Cosplay Girls: Day 1 [53 PHOTOS]

ComicCon Girls

We’re deep into the San Diego Comic Con, and we’ve been rounding up new posters and pics of upcoming movies and television shows–but let’s not neglect the babes who beautify the San Diego Comic Con with lots of awesome cosplay. We’re veterans of comic-book conventions around here, and we know that those things need beautifying. There was once a time when ladies weren’t even attending these things, but now we get all kinds of geek goddesses who sure get us geeking out.

Those include a few convention cuties who put a feminine spin on allegedly male characters like Star Wars‘ Boba Fett. Other gals are living out their Disney fantasies, and actually improve on their animated inspirations. We’re happy to see a few girls who are getting into celebrating the new female Thor in the Marvel Comics universe.

And there are other hot cosplay ladies who just seem like exhibitionists. We can’t really remember a heroine who walks around in nothing but black lingerie. We’d buy the comic book, though.

Take a look for yourself. You don’t have to be a comics fan yourself. There are plenty of guys who’ll enjoy ogling these pics even if  they can’t recognize the characters. Other guys might consider all of these pics to be a trivia challenge–and that inspires us to take another really close look at these ladies…

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