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Tera Patrick Turns 38 With Her 38 Sexiest Pics [PHOTOS]


We’ll admit that some people might think that Tera Patrick’s sexiest pics would all be NSFW–but that’s not exactly true when you’re dealing with one of the porn industry’s hottest mainstream stars. The built brunette sure hit the industry hard when she started out in 1999. Tera Patrick worked in over 25 productions in that year alone–after the former Ford Agency model took her stage name from the birth name of Carmen Electra. [photo via…]

Tera worked just as hard for the next several years in the adult industry. Then she began to show off some real ambition around 2003. She had become a real fan favorite, and had the kind of brains (with a BS in Microbiology) and exotic looks that began to catch the eye of mainstream magazines. Tera also began to show up in music magazines as the girlfriend (and soon wife) of Biohazard musician Evan Seinfeld.  They were divorced by 2009, but not before Evan had joined his wife in working in the adult biz.

That included Tera signing a contract where she only worked with her husband–but she was also shaking up the industry by going solo as an internet pioneer. Tera has become one of porn’s smartest entrepreneurs, with her own booking agency and production company. That also made her one of the feminist’s favorite sex workers, too.

Tera didn’t let becoming a MILF back in 2012 slow her down, and now she’s making a mainstream bid with the upcoming Angel of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith. That one might end up debuting at your local Redbox, but Tera is still a star to us–and these birthday pics will sure get you starry-eyed…

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