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Stripper Uses Tow Truck As Pole To Try And Save Her Car [VIDEO]


Stripper Tow Truck Video

We were thinking just the other day about how simple our lives would be if we were beautiful blonde strippers. Now, we’re not so sure–or at least not so sure about how easy life is for a blonde stripper in Russia. You’re about to see that a Russian tow truck driver can’t be easily persuaded.┬áThis poor gal does her best to convince the guy to unhitch her car, but not even an inspired dance routine can keep this guy from doing his job.

We don’t think that we’d have that kind of willpower. Take a look and see for yourself if you have what it takes to be a tow truck driver in Russia. It obviously takes a steely determination that isn’t required of a COED staffer. Did that Putin guy start out as a tow driver? That would explain a lot…

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