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Comic-Con Recap Day 2: “Leprechaun,” “Hunger Games,” “The Last of Us”


leprechaun main

Comic-Con is still in its warming up period as it saves its big reveals for the weekend but the temperature is starting to rise a bit thanks to some of the interesting revelations that spilled out of the San Diego Comic-Con.

The biggest news by far at the moment is the first reveal of the new trailer for The Hunger Games: MockingjayFans got to see the first full trailer at an exclusive screening for the new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katnis Everdeen. The screening didn’t happen at the main Comic-Con hub. Instead, a handful of fans got to see at the Capitol Gallery in downtown San Diego so a bootleg copy of the trailer hasn’t hit YouTube yet. Reporters who saw the screening said they were greeted by holographic images of Katniss and Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson, before the actual trailer that contained scenes of rebellions leaders played by Julianne Moore and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman discussing Katniss’ new role and President Snow declaring the Mockingjay symbol as illegal. They also reported that the trailer would be released at Best Buy stores throughout the country on Saturday.

There were some movies that let the rest of the public outside of San Diego see their new trailers such as WWE Films’ upcoming prequel Leprechaun: Origins starring Dylan “Hornswogle” Postl as the little green bastard terrorizing a group of young adults vacationing in rural Ireland. They unveiled the official poster for the movie…


They also released a new clip of one of the scary new scenes from the movie courtesy of Entertainment Weekly that finally reveals what the leprechaun looks like in a darkened room with no hope of escape…

WWE Films also drop kicked the fans right on their ass with another trailer unveil. Kane is getting another chance at movie stardom by returning to the killer role that made him a horror movie star with See No Evil 2. It picks up right where the first movie left off with the evil Jason Goodnight being brought to a morgue where the employees learn that he’s not exactly dead…

The day also contained some surprises such as a special, unannounced appearance by Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan to discuss their upcoming movie Interstellar along with another screening of a new trailer for their movie. Unfortunately, it won’t be at the theaters or online for quite awhile unless some savvy attendee decide that it’s worth sharing with the rest of the world. Nolan hinted that some of the special effects for the movie also used some new “innovative techniques” but he wouldn’t divulge anything beyond that.

Director Sam Raimi also dropped a pretty big surprise on the Comic-Con crowd. He announced that he will produce a big screen remake of the acclaimed Sony PS3 exclusive video game The Last of UsHe said that the game’s creator Neil Druckmann is currently working on a script and noted that he has complete creative control over the movie including a final say on the casting and the director. Hopefully, Raimi won’t be too busy producing so he can also direct it.


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