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San Diego Comic-Con Day 2: “Constantine,” “Batman V. Superman” [VIDEO]


batman v superman costume

The San Diego Comic-Con is now open for business and costumed fanboys and girls are swarming the San Diego Convention Center for the latest news about their favorite movies, TV shows, comic books and video games. If you’re like us, you couldn’t find the time off from work and the disposable funds to actually go to it in person. So here’s the best next best thing: a wrap-up of the most interesting stuff to come out of the show like the new Batman v. Superman costume, a screening of the new Constantine show and an interactive exhibit designed by Guillermo Del Toro.

One of the more anticipated films for cons to come will be Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie and since they don’t have much footage that they can show off yet, they did the next best thing and delivered Batman’s wardrobe to the convention floor. The DC Comics booth featured the new mask and cowl that Ben Affleck is wearing for the film…

batman v superman costume full

NBC gave a special screening of their new Constantine show based on the Hellblazer graphic novel series. Fans attending the special panel on the show got to watch the pilot episode starring Matt Ryan as the trench coat wearing, afterlife warrior. Entertainment Weekly talked to some of the fans who saw the pilot Wednesday night and it seemed to get mostly positive but some mixed reviews. Some thought it captured “the feeling of the comic” while others “didn’t like the lead guy” and thought he tried “so hard to not care, to be the disaffected.” We’re still ticked off that he still hasn’t learned how to tie a tie all this time.

Director Guillermo del Toro had an interesting take on promoting his projects at Comic-Con. Rather than bring a boring old trailer or some posters, he set up some interactive exhibits including a virtual reality simulator that let the fans control one of the giant robots from Pacific Rim and a haunted walk-through attraction featuring artwork from his upcoming haunted house movie Crimson Peak. He even gave some fans a personal tour…

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