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Nude College Guys Break Into Restaurant, Cops Get All Upset [VIDEO]


nude college dudes

A group of college-aged guys were so hungry that they didn’t have enough time to stop and think about breaking into a local burger joint. They didn’t even have time to put on some clothes.

The burglary happened in Bonita Springs, Florida at a local favorite called Doc’s Beach House. Three guys broke into the restaurant early in the morning last Monday, two of whom were naked and the other in just his underwear. Their goal wasn’t to take money from the register. They only wanted food and ended up taking some hamburgers, three pounds of bacon and red peppers. No money or any other items of value were stolen from the restaurant.

It’s probably safe to say that alcohol was a factor–although, considering that they were naked in clear view of a security camera for almost five whole minutes, alcohol may have been one of the less potent substances in their bodies. It’s also clear from the surveillance photos that they had to go through the cooler to get to all that food. The News-Press published photos captured by a surveillance camera in this video…

Police haven’t been able to identify the guys, so they’re asking for the public’s help by releasing photographs of the suspects. The burglars didn’t realize they were being photographed until the very end of their “hamburglary” when they noticed the security camera. Then they tried to cover their faces (and their junk) as they fled out of the store. Thankfully, it was much easier to cover their junk after spending so much time in the restaurant’s walk-in freezer. Anyway, if you recognize these guys, keep it to yourself. We want to see what they do next.

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