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Minnesota Vikings Won’t Change Stadium Design For Birds



The Minnesota Vikings are building a brand new stadium that will feature a lot of glass windows to allow natural light and heat into the building. However, Audubon Minnesota believes that the stadium will become a “death trap” for birds because of the design of the stadium. The Vikings have already decided that they are not going to be changing the design for no one.

It is true that birds are going to fly into the glass windows thinking that there is nothing there. That’s a given with 200,000 square feet of transparent glass and the team has already agreed to reduce unnecessary lighting during spring and fall migration cycles. There isn’t much more that the team can really do about this unless they are going to get rid of the glass windows altogether, which isn’t going to happen.

It would cost over $1 million to use glass that would be safer for the birds at this point so stadium construction will continue as planned. The Vikings have to be hoping that their stadium parking lot doesn’t turn into a graveyard for birds though however when it is done. That could force a lot of changes to occur really quickly. Hopefully, the birds stay out of the way.

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