Llauryn Hendrix on "The Originals" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Llauryn Hendrix on The Originals

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

It’s time for your See Her Tonight column to celebrate a rerun that we’ve been waiting for–although a lot of people might not have even noticed Llauryn Hendrix showing up in the background of tonight’s episode of The Originals. We were watching, though. We’re always watching. Sorry if that sounds creepy.  [photo via…]
Anyway, we pride ourselves on our ability to catch the hottest models and actresses out of Atlanta–which is starting to rank right up there with Canada as a cheap place to shoot a movie or a television series. Our contacts have gotten us primed to catch hot young actresses like Erica PageAnna Colwell and Ellie Decker.  Now we’re adding Llauryn Hendrix as a hot babe who finally made it into our living rooms.
This brainy gal landed in Atlanta after getting her Bachelor of Science in Communication (specializing in Television & Film) from Alabama State–and she’s sure done a lot with it in a short time. She’s staying busy on the production end, but Llauryn is also often in front of the camera as one of Atlanta’s hottest rising models. And we’ll also be ogling her on the big screen in the upcoming Dumb and Dumber To, although we have no idea what she’s playing. As you’re about to see, Llauryn can rock any kind of look–but she always looks great. We’d challenge you to find her in tonight’s episode if these pics weren’t so memorable….

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