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Alexandria Morgan Is Back On The Beach—In Slo-Mo [VIDEO]


Alexandria Morgan Beach Instagram Video

We’re thinking that maybe we should just spend the rest of the summer watching Alexandria Morgan wearing skimpy outfits while moving in slow-motion. There can’t be any better way to spend the summer. Just check out this quick footage via Alexandria’s Instagram account, as she enjoys a stroll on the beach while captured at a really slow speed.

Hey, that kind of reminds us of yesterday’s video of Alexandria Morgan running in slow motion while wearing a strapless bra. That was cool. And since this is an Instagram video, we’re reminded of how we once collected Alexandria’s sexiest Instagram pics. That wasn’t too long after she became Miss Coed of May 2014. Is this becoming the Summer of Alexandria Morgan? We like that idea, too. Take a look for yourself, and see if you aren’t inspired to follow those links for even more looks…

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