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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Wednesday, July 23rd


It’s been a tough Wednesday, but we suddenly feel ready to leap right over this hump day–perhaps due to the mystical influence of tattoo love goddess Alysha Nett, whose inky beauty always gets our blood rushing. And yet she’s not the only gal who’s keeping us working through this Wednesday. You’ll find other contributions from bikini babes like Brittany Suleiman and Devin Brugman. We’re not sure if CJ Gibson is wearing a bikini or something else, but that angle has us kind of not caring.

Gloria Touch skips the bikini scene in favor of hot pants, and she makes a compelling case. Katelyn Byrd also does some freestyling by matching a bikini bottom with a sheer t-shirt. We’re going to study that picture for a while to decide if that works. We’re also going to work over a hot black-and-white study from Chelsea Pereira  that’s sure worth studying.

Kaili Thorne does wonders with a t-shirt, too, and Mariah Lee Bevacqua  shows how to turn a buttoned shirt into something super sexy. Lisa Marie Talavera just skips the formalities and takes us into the shower. You’ll want to check out all that, plus even more amazing gals who get this day flying by…

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