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Rain Delays And Issues Overshadow An Otherwise Awesome Hudson Project [PHOTOS + VIDEO]



The Hudson Project took on the massive task of replacing Camp Bisco, a popular festival that was inevitably cancelled. Posting a massive line up, The Hudson Project had great aspirations. Starting on a high note the music was on point Friday and Saturday with very memorable sets from GRiZ, STS9, Savoy, Lettuce, Big Gigantic, And Exmag!

The whole festival was full of great vibes and good atmosphere, although it should be noted that I believe there was an overly abundant police presence. Lettuce kicked off Friday bringing some stellar funk. And Saturday brought only more good music with an incredible set from Exmag (featuring surprise appearances from GRiZ and Gibbs)! Then Big Gigantic played a set that seemed to be in collaboration with the weather in addition to premiering multiple new tracks! All paving the way for GRiZ who brought the funk in a major way. Going between his sax infused glitchy amazingness and old school funkiness he easily put on one of the best sets of the weekend.

This was all leading into an epic Sunday with acts such as Infected Mushroom, Bassnectar, Tipper, Paper Diamond, and OLIVER!

But then nature took control and the organizers seemed to check out. After being evacuated from the venue at 4:45 PM in a hasty fashion, we headed to our tent to wait it out. At 5 something PM, a golf cart came around yelling something and I went to find out that they were evacuating the camp grounds. There was no megaphone or real desire to let everyone know this information. None of that mattered though because at 6, the skies opened up. Nobody was going anywhere. Thats when things got savage.

Me and the rest of my friends managed to still have an amazing time, but that can’t be said for all. As night fell, poison ivy was everywhere (probably spread by the mud everywhere shifting all the plants around). The port a potties were running into the mud, so people were walking in all sorts of nastiness.

By morning, the good times in the rain had covered EVERYTHING in mud. People realized they needed to get out of there. Luckily we were parked off-site, but the on-site parking lot was a disaster area with cars having to be towed. Fenders were being torn off left and right as people were waiting for hours to get there cars pulled out of the mud.

Heavy hitting bass legend Bassnectar tried to make it up to fans by playing at Webster Hall, with free admission for those with a Hudson Project wristband, but the space was ultimately deemed too small. In the end, consolation came from Farm Fest which is offering a $27 discount on gate tickets to anyone wearing a Hudson Project wristband. That takes place in Vernon, N.J., later this month. To sum it up it was a unique disaster, with some great music and great times..

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