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Minimale Animale Brings Helmets and Handbras to Miami Swim Week [PICS]


It’s been a pretty exciting Miami Swim Week so far, as the annual fashion show brings out the hottest models working the hottest swimsuit designs. We’ve ogled some hot Instagram moments and gone backstage, but now we’re all over the place with the Minimale Animale line. That’s because the fine folks at Minimale Animale have provided plenty of male-friendly moments both on the catwalk and backstage, not to mention the front row. [Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

We’re not sure what the high concept was behind Minimale Animale putting some of their models in crash helmets, but we know that their hot designs get us going way too fast. You’ll also find that the fashion line brought some handbras to the runway, and brought out some hot gals to the front row of their fashion show.

We’re also backstage to see some gals getting ready–and there’s no reason not to go with some more traditional runway pics of beautiful babes modeling the best in Minimale Animale’s latest bikini line. Actually, we wouldn’t mind seeing a few bikini lines here, but that’s just being greedy. Check out these pics and you’ll be very grateful for what we’re getting from Miami Swim Week…

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