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Laura Mennell on Motive

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

We know Hollywood doesn’t like it, but your See Her Tonight column is pretty happy about the new network trend of importing Canadian television shows to primetime America. We know that it’s really just a way for the networks to save money on running new summer content. It’s also a great way to keep importing in some beauties from the Great White North while shows like Supernatural go on hiatus. Case in point: Canadian cutie Laure Mennell, who’s showing up tonight as part of her recurring role on the television show Motive [photo via…]
Of course, you can’t be a rising star in Canada without doing lots of genre work, and horror fans saw plenty of Laura Mennell–starting with her turn as a sorority girl on the creepy FOX series Millennium way back in 1999. Laura would go on to shows like Andromeda, Dead Like Me, and Stargate: Atlantis. Then she made it onto a few episodes of The L Word as a lesbian nun and really caught guys’ attention. We like to think that’s how Laura made it into American multiplexes in 2009’s Watchmen.
Laura followed that up with the inevitable turn on Supernatural. She played a sexy genie while joining the rank of Supernatural sex symbols like Ali Liebert, Alaina HuffmanKacey Rohl, Tracy Spiridakos, Rebecca MarshallFarrah Aviva, Kacey Rohl, Amanda Tapping, and Liane Balaban. Then she finally landed a proper starring role in the sci-fi series Alphas. That one was kind of like X-Men paired with Melrose Place. And now we get to see Laura back in our living rooms on Motive–which isn’t a genre show, so there’s a chance that some of Laura’s biggest fans are missing out on that action. And if you aren’t already a fan, here are plenty of pics and sexy stills to show why Laura is a genuine geek goddess….

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