Charisma Carpenter: 44 Years Old, Still Our Favorite Cheerleader [PICS]

We don’t know what’s more amazing: that Charisma Carpenter is 44 years old today, or that she’s somehow still best known as Cordelia Chase–that being the Sunnydale High cheerleader who went from being a real bitch to a real demon slayer over the course of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Angel spin-off series. That long run meant that Charisma Carpenter was a lot more than just a ’90s sex symbol. It’s also kept guys captivated by Buffy reruns for a long time.

Actually Charisma only had a recurring role as Cordelia Chase back on Buffy. That’s a tribute to how she still ranks up there with Buffy beauties like Alyson HanniganEliza Dushku, and Sara Michelle Gellar. Don’t forget Michelle Trachtenberg, either, although she had to grow up after the show to really count as a hottie. Charisma only made it into the weekly cast of the Angel spin-off, which would also lead to Cordelia’s death. (10-year-old SPOILER!)

Charisma has still kept working steadily, though. She hasn’t had much luck finding another hit series, but at least she got to be part of the cultish Veronica Mars. We also thrilled to Charisma on the big screen in The Expendables and The Expendables 2. Sadly, she looks to be sitting out The Expendables 3.

We were hoping that Charisma would cash in on that Expendables stint by doing some more exploitation movies. Instead, she seems more interested in mainstream stuff nowadays. We’ll keep following her, though, and will always have plenty of pics to remind us of her wilder days. Hey, let’s look at some now…

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