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UCF Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha Raises The Recruitment Bar With Video


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Sororities have been taking the recruitment game to unprecedented levels this summer, and all we can do is sit here in our offices wondering why our parents didn’t wait a few more years to have us. We first alerted you to the absolutely amazing Tumblr war that was going on between ASU and U of A sororities back in May, and since then a million others have popped up. Sure, everyone knows that Arizona is a great place to go to “school” in, but what about places like Florida? Aren’t those places filled with chicks you want in your class?

Enter UCF’s ZTA sorority who just dropped a bomb on the world with this recruitment video. Other than the annoying chick music, it’s actually extremely easy to watch (unlike other attempts–yikes)

And on TOP of that, they’ve even gone so far as to link their Tumblr page in the YouTube information.

Yes, if you’re a female student at UCF who’s looking to become sisters with any of these women this is valuable information for you–but it’s equally valuable for male students looking to apply as incoming freshmen.

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