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Tim Tebow Training Like He’s Going To Training Camp This Week


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The story of Tim Tebow has more twists and turns than corkscrew pasta. It appeared that Tebow’s NFL career was over after being cut by the New England Patriots and him signing a multiyear contract to work for the new SEC Network. It appears however that Tebow is still training as if he is going to training camp this week. Tebow told KSAZ-TV that he is just putting his faith in God and preparing for whatever comes his way.

The problem with what Tebow is doing is that there aren’t any NFL teams that are interested in him as a quarterback. It has been proven in the past that he can’t be a dependable quarterback who can throw the ball accurately all the time. The only way Tebow would have a chance is if a team designed their whole offense around him and allowed him to run around a lot without throwing much. It worked in Denver for that one season but wouldn’t long-term.

The best thing for Tebow to do right now though would be for him to start his broadcasting career and not worrying about playing football no more. The saga of Tebow will never end but maybe one day he will finally realize the truth of the situation.

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