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The Hotties of “Hercules”: Irina Shayk, Barbara Palvin, & More [PICS]


It’s no Herculean task decided whether to get hyped up over the upcoming Hercules–courtesy of an amazing cast that’s packed full of some of the hottest young talents around. We’re talking about two Victoria’s Secret models, plus one of the hottest rising starlets on the international scene, along with two lesser-known ladies who you definitely need to know.

There’s also an offbeat Norwegian beauty who has a shot at being this summer’s big action hero. Take a look for yourself, and try to remember that there’s also that Dwayne Johnson guy fighting lions and hydras and stuff. You can catch up with all that at the official Hercules site. These gals are still why we’re officially excited…

Barbara Palvin

You guys have met Barbara Palvin, right? She’s the Hungarian gal who’s gotten us hungry to see more of her–mostly thanks to her fine work for Victoria’s Secret. She has a fairly strong role in Hercules, and we think our eyes will be hoppin’ and poppin’ when we check her out on the big screen in 3DD…

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson is one of Hercules‘ more serious actresses–and this would’ve been her big break if we hadn’t just learned she’s all set to play an international assassin in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 5. She’s already garnered some American fans with her work on the cable series The White Queen, but Hercules should get the fans really worked up….

Irina Shayk

It’s a double-bill of Victoria’s Secret models with Irina Shayk showing up in Hercules–and this ravishing Russian should provide plenty of international appeal. We doubt there’ll be many excuses for Irina to pop up in a bikini, though, so we’ll cover that with Irina getting barely covered right here…

Sydney van den Bosch

She’s only billed as a Tavern Vixen, but we’re thinking that Sydney van den Bosch is still going to bust out in Hercules–especially because this hot Hungarian fitness model looks fit enough to take on the titular hero…

Tonia Sotiropoulou

This gorgeous Greek technically counts as a Bond Girl after getting pinned to the wall in Skyfall–but now she’s getting to see even more action as another of Hercules‘ vixens. Her character still doesn’t have a name, but Tonia sure won’t be faceless on the big screen..

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal

Looking for a hot Norwegian beauty who’s comfortable in a leather bustier? Check out Ingrid as Hercules‘ warrior woman Atalanta, who manages to save the day a few times herself–and looks pretty intriguing while doing it…

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