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Selena Gomez Turns 22: Looking Back At A Hot Year [PICS]


Selena Gomez is turning 22 years old today–that being July 22, 2014–and she should be having a pretty great time. We know that we’re really excited to see that she’s off to the French Riviera with Cara Delevingne, because…well, Cara likes girls, and we like the idea of Selena liking girls, too, which is certainly believable because Selena has been involved with Justin Bieber. [photos via…]

Sadly, that on-again/off-again relationship is one of the things that have kept Selena being a star over the past year. Selena Gomez has also been a big name over a recent political Twittering that made her look kind of oblivious, and there’s also been a lot of talk recently over whether or not Selena has had her breasts done lately. We’ve been happy to join in the in-depth research there. Seriously, we’ve spent hours staring at some pics…

The good news is that Selena has also had lots of professional success over the past months. She started her 21st year by bombing in the theaters with Ethan Hawke in the notoriously awful Getaway. She still had the hipster cred of Spring Breakers behind her, though, and Selena released her album Stars Dance right before she turned 21 years old. That album did well enough to keep her soaring as a celebrity for the next 12 months.

We’re hoping that the upcoming Behaving Badly will live up to its title and give us a reason to goof over Selena at the multiplex again. She’s had a really encouraging year of sexy selfies and intimate Instagram pics, plus some hot fashion shoots. We’ve already been inspired to capture her breasts in some joltin’ GIFs, and now we’re looking back at some other sexiest shots from the past year. Take a look and get ready for another year of being a Selena fan yourself…

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