Andra Petru on "Rizolli & Isles" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Andra Petru on Rizolli & Isles

(9:00 PM EST, TNT)

“It’s always great to see attractive women fighting crime and kicking butt on television,” says Andra Petru to the See Her Tonight column, and we couldn’t agree more. We’re always fans of beautiful babes who also know how to take care of themselves, and Andra Petru is one of Hollywood’s hottest finds. This Romanian-born beauty has the looks of a classic blonde California girl, but Andra Petru also has the skills to be a fighting force on the big screen. Somebody tell Sylvester Stallone, in case he’s finally getting around to casting The Expendabelles [photo via…]
“It’s not every day you see a 5’9 blonde that can kick some booty in the ring,” agrees Andra, who we first saw as Robin Williams (literally) fantasy girl in the bizarre 2009 black comedy World’s Greatest Dad. That was Andra Petru in her classic blonde mode. She’s been working steadily ever since, and made it into our living rooms as an exotic dancer on the TNT legal drama Franklin & Bash. You can also catch her in a small role in this year’s upcoming film Laggies, which just released a new trailer that’s started some serious buzz.
And tonight we get Andra looking very much at home in a boxing gym, showing off her years of training in Muay Thai and boxing. We’re also worked up over seeing Andra in what should be a recurring role on the upcoming TNT spy drama Legends, and on the big screen in next year’s big-screen Entourage film–even if she is playing a pregnant gal. It’s still a pregnant gal who’d be more useful than we’d be in any kind of crime-fighting situation. Now check out these pics to see how beautiful crime-fighting can be….

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