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Alexandria Morgan Runs In Slow Motion For… [VIDEO / GIFS]


Alexandria Morgan Runs Strapless In Banned Ad Video

Alexandria Morgan stripped down to a strapless bar and ran down a boardwalk while filmed in slow motion so that we’d all know that the TomTom company has a new Runner Cardio with a built-in heart rate monitor. We sure feel like we need a heart monitor after seeing that hot footage.

Tragically enough, though, this fine footage has been banned, because an Alexandria Morgan commercial with sexy slow-motion running is obviously some kind of big crime. Nobody seems to care that the new Runner Cardio from TomTom is built to be worn like a wristwatch. That means you don’t have any straps–as perfectly illustrated by Alexandria Morgan running in slow-motion while wearing a strapless bra.

We don’t know how else the TomTom company could’ve promoted their product. This banned commercial is perfect–as is Alexandria, who we’ve also enjoyed in her fine work as one of this year’s amazing Miss COEDs. But check out this important lost video first, and then scroll on down to enjoy plenty of Alexandria’s hottest Instagram pics…

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