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You Got Caught Staring At Boobs [22 GIFs]


There’s a proud guy tradition of ┬ámaximum eye-strain while not giving in to the temptation to stare at a gal’s breasts. There’s an even prouder guy tradition of saying, “Oh, to hell with it,” and risking a quick glance. Sometimes, we get caught. That’s what makes it a tradition.

But sometimes there are cameras rolling, and that little look is immortalized for a lot longer than we’d like. Oh, well. At least we’re in good company–as you’ll appreciate by checking out these gifs of all kinds of guys letting their eyes bulge out over boobies. It’s a mix of regular guys and fancy society types, plus a few kids who we like to think of as future COED staffers.

You’ll also find a few staged bits here, but those comedic moments sure feel like real life to us. We can all relate to getting caught, after all–unless you have really amazing will power, in which case you’re going to still get lucky, because you can join these guys in leering all you want at these built babes. All without the guilt, too…

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