The Ultimate Fails of 2014, So Far [FAIL ARMY VIDEO]

Ultimate Fails of 2014

Hard to believe, but we’re already halfway through 2014–which means that it’s time for the Fail Army Youtube channel to check in with the Ultimate Fails of the past six months. It’s easier to believe that people have managed to cram in an amazing amount of fails over the past six months. We’re mostly just happy that we’re not in this video. You will, however, find plenty of other folks (and the occasional animal) managing to embarrass themselves in all kinds of ways.

There are also a few close shaves that we’d say count as major wins, but we guess it’s still a major fail to endanger your life needlessly. At least, that’s how our mothers see this kind of thing. So check out a stark 16 minutes of things going wrong (again) for all kinds of people. Some of whom really deserve it, too, so that’s kind of fun. Especially with the yo-yo guy. We hate those damn smug yo-yo guys…

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