Sara Sampaio: 40 Hot Pics For The Bikini Model’s 23rd Birthday [PHOTOS]


It’s a big birthday for Sara Samapaio today, as the Portuguese beauty turns 23 years old while coming off being Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year–and that’s after scoring as the first Portuguese model to ever land in that magazine’s Swimsuit Issue. That wasn’t too long after Sara Sampaio made her debut as a Victoria’s Secret model at the end of 2013. The only way that Sara could turn that into a hat trick would involve dating a COED staffer. We’re thinking of a very certain special COED staffer whose mother says that he’s very special.  [photo via…]

Sara’s other recent honors include gracing the Portuguese edition of GQ while being billed as the 8th Wonder of the Word. We’re not going to argue with that sense of Portuguese national pride. We should also note how happy we were when Sara started this year by modeling for VS Lingerie. And let’s not forget how Sara got her initial American exposure by appearing in television ads for Axe Body Spray.

Greater honor hath no woman. We’re pretty sure that Sara is heading into a very busy 23rd year, and we’re suddenly inspired to go to Portugal and see how many similar beauties are just laying around there on the beaches waiting to be picked up. But first, we’re going to check out this Hot 40 of Sara’s finest photos–and try to save up the money for a ticket to Portugal, because we don’t think the subway goes there…

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