Rory McIlroy Won The British Open, And Maybe Scored Nadia Forde [PICS]

Golf champion Rory McIlroy is enjoying a big weekend after winning the British Open–and that’s very nice for him, but the real news is everybody speculating over his status with Nadia Forde. There’s an awful lot of talk about Nadio maybe dating one of the biggest name in sports. Nadia Forde is a pretty big name, too, although Americans aren’t too familiar with the Irish beauty’s work as a lingerie model and pop star. That’s a winning combination, too. [photo via…]

Some of us are very familiar with Rory McIlroy’s ex-fiancee Caroline Wozniacki, though–especially if you’ve joined us in admiring her fine form on (and off) the tennis court. We’re very happy to report that Caroline had a winning weekend, too. She just won the Istanbul Cup on Sunday as her first title of the year. That means that Caroline is probably ready to move on and start returning our phone calls.

Meanwhile, everyone’s still wondering if Rory and Nadia are an actual item. There are supposedly close personal friends of Nadia who are denying it, but the two seem to have spent some real time together. We’re not too thrilled to see Rory keeping up a winning streak off the links, but at least he’s doing the world some good by giving Nadia Forde a higher profile. Check out these pics, and you can see why Nadia could definitely be giving Rory a lot more strength to his swing. If you know what we mean. Golfing metaphors aren’t easy…

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