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Marika Florence on Backpackers

(9:30 PM EST, The CW)

Your pals at the See Her Tonight column aren’t afraid to admit when they’re wrong–and we’re starting to think we were way too dismissive of Backpackers. Sitcoms never do well on The CW, and we were pretty sure that we were covering the best thing about Backpackers when we celebrated regular cast member Meghan Heffern last week. Tonight’s episode, however, suggests that Backpackers might be taking us on a travelogue of international beauties like Marika Florence.  [photo via…]

More specifically, it starts with Marika Florence as a topless woman on a beach. That’s how she’s billed: Topless Woman On Beach. And the episode is called “A-MILF-ey Coast,” which is a pun on the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy, where our two slacker heroes (who are backpacking across Europe in search of a dream girl) come across a hot older actress who’s out to get laid.

Also, they come across Marika Florence as a topless woman on a beach. Marika Florence is a very hot model in Italy, and she loves to pose with other women, and that reminds us that there’s also another topless woman on the beach on tonight’s episode.

We’re thinking that Backpackers might be the first summer show this season that really speaks to us. Check out these pics of Marika’s shamelessly sexy work back in her homeland, and get just as excited that she’s crossing the border and coming into our living rooms….

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