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Melantha Blackthorne on “The Lottery” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Melantha Blackthorne on The Lottery

(10:o0 PM EST, Lifetime)

It’s not like your humble See Her Tonight column avoids the Lifetime network, but we still thought The Lottery was going to be some seriously lite sci-fi about women trying to get pregnant in a sterile future society. Now we’re a lot more excited–mainly because The Lottery has Melantha Blackthorne showing up in the premiere episode, and she’s one of the sexiest fantasy gals around.  [photo via…]

Melantha has built her reputation on a string of starring roles and quick cameos in the kind of indie horror movies that are lucky to debut at your local Redbox stand. That doesn’t mean that Melantha hasn’t done some amazing work. In fact, she’s played pretty much every kind of sexy video vamp available, from assorted creatures to death-dealing do-gooders.

It wasn’t too surprising when Melantha finally made it onto a legitimate production on a 2007 episode of the old Dead Zone series. It was more of a shock to see her as an aspiring folk singer in the bizarro (and acclaimed) Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There the same year. Melantha quit working constantly, and only made one appearance in 2008 with a very small role in Jason Statham’s remake of the drive-in classic Death Race.

Then she went back to hitting indie horror hard. She hit the multiplexes again with a minor turn in the big-screen flop Pompeii, but also kicked ass in Bloody Slumber Party. Melantha has plenty more pics in the pipeline, but we’re really excited to have her back in our living rooms. See why it feels like winning the lottery as you get ready to tune in tonight….

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