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A Tribute To Billy Mays, The Greatest Spokesman That Ever Lived


Billy Mays

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s been five years since we’ve heard the excitable and gregarious Billy Mays enticing us into buying a product on our televisions. The dominant television pitchmen for close to a decade, Billy Mays got us all excited about products just by getting excited himself. His ebullience convinced us that we needed products we probably had no practical use for, and his tactics for selling them were second to none.

Today would have been Billy’s 56th birthday, but he was taken too soon to the land where all of his products work as promised. Mays died of a heart attack just shy of his 51st birthday, and our television sets have been noticeably colder without his warm and inviting presence. Sure, guys like Anthony Sullivan and Vince Offer have tried to carry the torch, but they just don’t have that certain je ne se qua that Mays brought to the infomercial game.

The greatest thing about Mays was that he truly believed in the products he was hocking. You believed that your toilet would never be cleaner or your whites whiter simply because he believed as much. That’s a truly rare gift, and the world is a lesser place without him. Enjoy some of Billy’s finest moments–and toss back a shot of Orange Glo in his honor…

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