The Top 40 Sexiest Instagram Pics of the Week [July 14th—18th]

It’s time to look back at an amazing week in intimate Instagram pics–and we’re surely saluting as we look back at the beautiful babes who got us through another week. Check out the lovely Liz Smith above, and ponder how she’s just part of a parade of perfect gals who made our less-than-perfect lives worth living. That includes a pretty impressive collection of Jessicas, too. Jessica Harbour is looking great in a bikini on the beach, Jessica Jones manages to make long pants look sexy in the sand (by taking them mostly off), and Jessica Andrews inspires a few of our favorite fetishes by posing as a real knockout.

Furthermore, may we add: more bikini beauties like Carly Lauren, Charlotte McKinney, Michelle McNamee, Lauren Mellor, and Shelby Israel. We also have some lovely ladies in lingerie (like Lisa Lima and Alysha Marko) sexy sportswear (such as Katrina Brodsky, Alysha Nett, and Ana Cheri), plus a few gals who’ve forgotten to bring all of their outfits–including Brittany Nichole Lucas, Amy Jane Brand, and Savannah Kreisman,

And those are just a few of the fine femmes who add up to a Hot 40 of incredible Instagram pics that really got us through the week–and get us soaring into Sunday…

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