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“The Topless Tour” Is An Online Trend We Can Get Behind [PHOTOS]


The “Topless Tour”–the social media trend where women take their clothes off and pose topless in photos while visiting various parts of the world–is a thing that we support wholeheartedly.

According to The Daily Mail (a source I would trust with my life) the Topless Tour is two years old, but we’ve noticed that it’s become very popular in the past few months. Originally it was three women who were traveling the globe, taking photos of themselves sans tops. There are still a lot of ladies snapping shots in amazing locations, but then there are women like the one above taking a photo in Las Vegas.

Do we really mind that these pics aren’t in remote spots? Absolutely not. In fact, it’s convinced us to actually put some of our hard-earned blogger cash to treat our girlfriends to a vacation.

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