Emily Osment Is Hungry To Show You That She's All Grown Up [PICS]

We never really had Emily Osment on our list of future sex symbols. Frankly, she looked a little too much like her brother Haley Joel (you know, the Sixth Sense kid) while starring on Hannah Montana. We didn’t even have Emily Osment down as one of the 30 Hottest Women of Summer TV 2014, even though we knew about the summer premiere of Young & Hungry on ABC Family.

Not that we’re dismissive of ABC Family. That’s the network that airs Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life of an American Teenager, which means that they’ve given us babes like Tammin Sursock, Christian Serratos, Shay Mitchell, and Janel Parrish. We still noticed that Emily Osment was looking pretty chaste while the 22-year-old starlet was out promoting Young & Hungry. Then we watched the show, and–um, we would just like to give our sincere thanks to whoever’s in charge of wardrobe over there…
Emily’s playing a personal chef who slept with her employer in the first episode, but that turned out to be just the start of sexing up the role. The show is keeping Emily in lots of revealing outfits, and also grabbed some attention by bringing in fellow sex bomb Ashley Tisdale for a guest spot that included a lesbian kiss.
Take a look for yourself at the proud spectacle of Emily Osment’s awesome boobies, which have suddenly become a vital cast member of Young & Hungry. We think they’re about to get separate billing. They’re certainly the most exciting new thing that we’ve seen this summer television season. There’s also a pic from Haley’s guest role on Two and a Half Men that should’ve put us on alert–and don’t forget that Young & Hungry airs every Wednesday at 8 pm EST, for the very best in summertime boob tube viewing…










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