29 Hot Pics For Elsa Pataky's 38th(!) Birthday [PHOTOS]

It’s kind of a shock to learn that Elsa Pataky is turning 38 years old today–that being July 18, 2014–since she’s just recently become a big sex symbol to a lot of American guys. Some of us were early users of Elsa Pataky, though. So to speak. The stunning Spanish model was making a transition to acting in her homeland, and then made it to American television in the syndicated Queen of Swords series back way back at the start of the century. Elsa livened up a lot of Saturday afternoons on assorted local television stations.  [photo via…]
Then we go to enjoy Elsa playing at becoming a geek goddess for a while. Her first big American production was in 2003’s Beyond Re-Animator. Well, it was a big production to horror geeks who’d been following the Re-Animator series. A lot more aspiring fans got to see Elsa on the big screen in 2006’s Snakes on a Plane, and then Elsa thrilled more horror geeks by showing up in Dario Argento’s eagerly-anticipated (if kind of disappointing) slasher film Giallo.
It was also kind of disappointing to see our secret girlfriend become involved with Giallo costar Adrien Brody–and things got even worse when Elsa hooked up with that Chris Hemsworth guy and ended up marrying him. But the good news is that Thor’s a woman in the comic books now, and some sexy Thor cosplay gals got us thinking about them hooking up with Elsa. Yeah.
Also, that raised Elsa’s profile in Hollywood, and we got more of her on the big screen in Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6. Elsa’s been a little busy getting turned into a MILF by that Thor guy lately, though. That is bad–but we still have our memories of Elsa as a hot model who was always ready to take off her clothes. Let’s look back at those happy times while hoping that Elsa gets back to the cameras soon…

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