Converse And Black Sabbath Make The Most “Metal” Sneakers Ever

Sabbath Lead

There are few things in this world more “metal” than Black Sabbath and Converse sneakers, so it was only a matter of time before the two iconic names collaborated on another sneaker collection.

This is the third time that Black Sabbath and Converse have worked together, but the first Chuck Taylor All Stars will feature original artwork from the bands’ albums. At only $60 a pair, these are a solid way of showing people you know how to rock and roll without breaking the bank.

You can order these online by clicking the links below, or head to either your local Converse store or Journeys to pick them up in person.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Never Say Die | Suggested Retail: $60

Fans of Black Sabbath will instantly recognize the logo and artwork from Sabbath’s last studio album with their original lineup, Never Say Die!. The tongue is stitched with the phrase “Never Say Die.”



Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sabbath Bloody Sabbath | Suggested Retail: $60

Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath is one of Black Sabbath’s most acclaimed albums, a work that was put together in the dungeons of Clearwell Castle, England. The blood red laces and album artwork really capture the dark, metal mood of the time.



Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath Live | Suggested Retail: $60

Most of you will recognize the iconic face of Ozzy Osbourne–even without the bat in his mouth–giving fans the peace sign.


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