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“The Conjuring” Prequel “Annabelle” Has a Real Creepy Trailer [VIDEO]



That creepy doll from The Conjuring is getting its own movie called Annabelle–and it’s even scarier when you learn about that damn thing’s terrifying backstory.

Of course, just about every doll is naturally scary to some degree. That’s like clowns, old houses on hills, and clowns that live in old houses on hills. Annabelle, however, ranks pretty near the top of things that keep us from getting a good night’s sleep. Annabelle offered one of the biggest scares in The Conjuring and now she’s back with her own movie. Watch the trailer and don’t blame us if you have trouble sleeping at night…

The scary part is that Annabelle allegedly exists, according to a report from Badass Digest. The original Annabelle looks nothing like the unholy abomination of evil from the movie. It’s actually just a Raggedy Ann doll. A mother bought it for her child in 1970 from a hobby store and she kept it with her through college when it started doing some weird things. The doll would move around the house on its own and leave written notes around the house that read “Help us.” At first, a psychic believed that the ghost of a little girl inhabited the doll and just wanted to play with her new roommates but the doll started growing violent and attacking people. The doll even began levitating. A priest told them it was inhabited by a demon and was trying to steal the daughter’s soul. So the parents locked up the doll in a special case where it remains to this day.

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