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Girls of the 2014 Miss Hooters Intl Swimsuit Competition [100 PHOTOS]


Hooters Swimsuit 2014

There are few beauty pageants packed with more beauties than the Annual Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Competition. It’s time to cast your own vote for the winner, too–which really counts, since winning Miss Hooters Social 2014 is a big part of racking up the points that make a gal into Miss Hooters 2014.

Of course, it’s not easy to narrow down the amazing gang of girls who’ve been brought together to represent the Hooters empire. You’re about to be reminded of that as you check out the Hooters hotties and show off your own support. We’re kind of excited over Ashley Fisher of the Hooters at Princeton, New Jersey. That’s partly because that must be one of the most intellectual Hooters in the country, and also because we get to the college town of Princeton pretty regularly.

There are also some New York City ladies representing, too–like Nicole Osorio, and we’re supportive of her for just being such a fine tourist attraction. But you could probably say that about all of the Miss Hooters candidates brought together from all over. Start working your way through this gallery and see how easy it is to vote for your favorite. Of course, it gets a lot harder choosing a favorite. If you know what we mean…

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