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Catherine Chen on “You’re The Worst” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Catherine Chen on You’re The Worst

(10:30 PM EST, FX)

We usually pride ourselves on amazing accuracy, but your See Her Tonight column is only going with a 90% chance that Catherine Chen is on tonight’s premiere of You’re The Worst as a sexy video vixen. That’s because we got a little distracted while watching the first two advance episodes at the same time. In our defense, we got a little distracted because Catherine Chen showed up as a sexy video vixen.  [photo via…]

We’re pretty sure that Catherine Chen is even billed as “Video Vixen,” or something like that. You can check out this Hot 40 of captivating Catherine pics to get an idea of why she might get typecast. This stunning California girl isn’t getting cast often enough, though. We’re very excited about finally getting to see Catherine on the big screen in the upcoming Kevin Hart comedy The Wedding Ringer, but it would’ve been morally wrong to have ignored that there’s a chance that Catherine will be in your living room tonight.

Or at least next Thursday night, and you’ll probably still be watching, since You’re The Worst is a pretty entertaining sitcom about two people who are in a romantic relationship despite not being able to stand each other. That already has a couple of COED staffers thinking that somebody stole their life story and turned it into a show. We (or, um, they) will be contacting their lawyers, but we’ll still concede that You’re The Worst is important for bringing us more of Catherine Chen. Now check out these pics and start agreeing…

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