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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Skydivers Land On Slip N Slide & More [Links]



Skydivers Perfectly Land On Slip N Slide From 5,000 Feet

Arizona skydivers Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson were trying to figure out a fun way to cool off in between jumps when they decided on a Slip n Slide. According to our friends over at The Huffington Post, Daniel and Thompson jumped from an elevation of 5,000 feet straight into the Slip N Slide. Just hearing about this feat wouldn’t be too believable, but luckily Daniel attached a to his helmet, so we can see his point of view as he lands, as well as Thompson landing and sliding right behind him. To see the full video, CLICK HERE. And here are some more intriguing links that our air-headed intern neglected to post…

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