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Lap Dances At Philadelphia Strip Clubs Are Still Tax-Free


Strip Club Lap Dance Tax

The city of Philadelphia’s hard working strippers won’t be forced to charge their clients a couple of extra bucks–all thanks to a ruling that said an attempt to impose a lap dance tax is not legal.

Last year, the city tried to implement a new amusement tax on strip clubs. A judge, however, has ruled that the city’s wording of the law is too vague. The ordinance that imposed the sales tax on lap dances never actually mentions the phrase “lap dances,” but that’s not because they didn’t want the lawmakers giggling.

It seems the authors of the ordinance wanted to keep it as vague as possible so they could rack up the highest possible tax bill on the city’s strip joints. Two clubs called Club Risqué and Cheerleaders each faced a $900,000 tax bill under the new plan. That’s outrageous, folks. Charlie Sheen doesn’t even spend that much on hookers.

The ruling, however, doesn’t completely let the strip clubs off of the hook. The city can still pursue the case in a higher court and the Common Pleas judge who issued the most recent ruling said that the city still has the right to tax just about anything they want as long as the city is explicit on the intended target in any law or legislation that implements such a tax. So lap dances fans aren’t completely off the hook just yet. Of course, we’re against anything that takes dollar bills out of strippers’ G-strings no matter who is doing it.

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