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Kate Upton Is Distracting Justin Verlander With A Hot Time In Mexico [PICS]



Kate Upton has recently been accused of being one of the reasons that her boyfriend Justin Verlander has had a lackluster season pitching for the Detroit Tigers. To which we can only say, “Priorities, people.” Would you rather embrace athletic stardom or Kate Upton’s beautiful bod? [photo via…]

Before you answer, check out these pics of Kate Upton on vacation with Justin. We’d say that the guy has made a major-league catch that’s way more important than some silly game that rewards you with a seven-year, $180 million contract, plus a $22 million vesting option for future play. Do you think Kate Upton cares about money? We care a lot more about Kate showing off her bod on the beach–and, yeah, she’s with that Justin guy. Come to think of it, maybe he should get back on the field. We’re feeling like we deserve a Mexican vacation a lot more…

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