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Emma Stone on “The Late Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Emma Stone on The Late Show

(11:30 PM EST, CBS)

It’s time for your See Her Tonight column to make a rare trip over to the talk shows–since it’s a good excuse to post hot pics of Emma Stone while she isn’t out promoting one of those depressingly generic Spider-Man movies. Looks like we may not have to worry about her showing up in the next entry, of course. (SPOILER!) And since we’re all such intellectuals here, we’re even more excited to see Emma Stone showing up on The Late Show to promote her new Woody Allen movie.

We’re pretty sure there’s not a lot of CGI in the new Magic in the Moonlight–which sure has a sappy title, and pairs Emma with Colin Firth in what might be a caper comedy. We’re not really sure. We do know, however, that Emma looks set to be very busy after wrapping up her Spider-Man story arc. (SPOILER!)

Emma is already busy filming her next movie with Woody, and also has a role in the upcoming film from director Cameron Crowe, who’s still kind of a big deal even after Elizabethtown. That’s all a nice recovery from Movie 43, too. Those Spider-Man movies really turned some guys off to Emma on the big screen, but we still thought she looked great in Gwen’s go-go boots–and she’s looking even hotter here…

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