Courtney Stodden Serves Up Veggie Hot Dogs In Lettuce Bikini [23 PICS]

The biggest news out of Washington, D.C. today? Well, it has to be Courtney Stodden showing up outside the United States Capitol to serve up staffers with some free vegetarian hot dogs–courtesy of the folks at PETA, of course. Courtney has gotten some pretty serious press coverage for her cause, and all it took was for Courtney to show up in a lettuce bikini.

Of course, Courtney is part of a serious parade of PETA pretties that’s included the likes of Elisabetta Canalis. Courtney Stodden fits right in, too–even if she’s mostly known as a reality-show star with award-winning breasts and a sexy Christmas spirit.

We should also note that the D.C. journalists were busy flooding Twitter with lots of snapshots, which includes this fine behind-the-scenes shot of Courtney’s behind as she gave an interview to the press. You’ll also notice that PETA staffers seem to shy away from lettuce bikinis.

And since Courtney is busy giving up meat, we’re reminded that she’s also gone girl/girl occasionally–or so it seemed in the pics below. There are about fifty bad puns to get made on that subject. Instead, we’ll just keep admiring Courtney’s leafy ass before leaving through these pics of her intimate sunning session with said girlfriend…

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