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AnnaLynne McCord: A Hot 40 Pics For Her 27th Birthday [PHOTOS]



We’re not sure why AnnaLynne McCord isn’t turning 27 years old today–that being July 16, 2014–as a major star. We do know, however, that she has a dedicated following of guys. The older ones first discovered AnnaLynne McCord in the old FX series Nip/Tuck, which was a pioneer in establishing that network as a leader in offbeat dramas. AnnaLynee was pretty amazing as homicidal teen villainess Eden Lord, who pretty much tried to seduce the entire cast while aiming for her dream of becoming a porn star.

It was pretty much Nip/Tuck‘s happiest ending when Eden’s dream came true in the final season. AnnaLynne wrapped up the show as a very hot property, but her biggest film role was getting stuck in a lousy remake of the zombie classic Day of the Dead. She did a lot better with a turn in 2009’s Fired Up!, but that underrated cheerleader comedy died at the box office. By then, however, AnnaLynne was winning over a whole new audience with her work on The CW’s 90210 reboot.

AnnaLynne followed that up with a turn on TNT’s Dallas reboot–but don’t think that the hot blonde isn’t still up for weird action. She did great work as the lead in an offbeat 2012 horror film called Excision, and stole pretty much ever scene in a bizarre indie called Scorned. We’re pretty sure that one started out as a comedy, but made the mistake of trying to be an erotic thriller.

AnnaLynne was still a thrill, and the same goes for when she did a sexy photo shoot where she paid tribute to Brigitte Bardot. Check out these Hot 40 pics, and see why we’re thinking AnnaLynne is still aging her way to some fine stardom…

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