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Anastasia Ashley Hangs Ten In Bikinis For Revolve Clothing [18 PICS]


The marketing gang at the Revolve fashion site have a #BabesOfSummer campaign–and they show great taste in babes with Anastasia Ashley modeling their fine apparel. That’s partly because Anastasia is a proper surfing legend who’s been competing since the age of 7 years old, which you might expect from a California girl.

Anastasia still grew into the kind of surfing prodigy who shook up the sport. Anastasia Ashley also turned into a hot gal who makes one heck of a bikini model. She’s sure making Revolve look good while Ashley shows off some bikinis (including a knit job) and more cool clothing from the Revolve empire. Take a good look, and also check out the Revolve video below the pics.

We’ve included some of the sexier stills from that film in the photo gallery, but you’ll still want to see Ashley’s poetry in motion–and then you might want to check out her birthday party, or maybe Ashley’s fine form as she does some cliff diving, and even her own hot twerking video. There’s an awfully lot of Anastasia out there to entrance you…

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