Taco Bell Employee Tries to Calm Frantic Customer with a BB Gun

Police arrested a Taco Bell employee in Springfield, Massachusetts for using a BB gun to take care of an unruly customer.

Steven Noska, 26, is accused of firing at the customer who was upset that he couldn’t get anyone to take his order in the drive-thru. The incident happened around 4 a.m. Monday when an unidentified customer tried to complain about the drive-thru’s wait time. The customer told police that he was kept waiting “a very long time” and tried banging on the window just to get someone’s attention. The doors were locked so all he could do was bang on the door some more but when an employee opened the door, police said that’s when things turned violent.

The customer started shoving the employee and berating them over the poor service. Police also said that the customer even bit one of the employees several times during the altercation. That’s when Noska walked out to his car and retrieved a handgun that fired BBs. Noska allegedly fired several shots into the man and smacked him with the gun. Several nearby people recorded the fight and the shooting with their cell phones. Police were called to the scene when one of the other employees tripped a hold-up alarm. Police arrested Noska at the scene and confiscated his weapon. Noska faces two counts of battery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Admit it. You probably wanted to do the same thing when you worked at a fast food place to some customers who treated a mismatched order as though it would alter the course of history.

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