Marvel’s Thor Is Now A Girl—-Just Like These Hot Cosplay Gals [PICS]

There’s some big news in the comic book biz today, as Marvel Comics went to The View to announce that the comic-book version of Thor (you know, from the Thor comic books) is about to become a woman. Which kind of makes sense if you know your comic book history, because Thor originally had the human alter-ego of Dr. Donald Blake, and the Marvel Comics mythology was that Odin decreed that only a mighty good soul could lift the hammer Mjölnir and be transformed into Thor.

There was a while there in the comics when Thor’s alter-ego was an alien named Beta Ray Bill. It’s no big stretch to imagine that some goodhearted gal could come along and left Mjolnir and be transformed into the Norse God superhero. We’re more confused about why this was announced on The View instead of at next week’s San Diego Comic Con. But then, The View was also where Marvel announced a gay superhero wedding in the roster, and that gave us an excuse to look at hot lesbian comic-book heroines.

And now’s a good time to check out the hot comic-book geek girls of cosplay. No, we’re not ogling the usual collection of Black Cats and Electras and Harley Quinns. (Those are hot comic-book babe characters, if you don’t know.) Instead, let’s celebrate Thor’s sex change by ogling hot cosplay girls who have already given a few male comic-book characters a feminine twist. There are already a few Thors here, plus some Lokis, along with lots of other sexy twists on all kinds of characters. Strike while the hammer is hottie, folks….

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