Cleveland Browns To Introduce Live Dog To Dawg Pound

The fan section for the Cleveland Browns has always been known as the Dawg Pound. The team has decided that it is time to bring a real dog to the field this season as it was announced on Sunday that a bullmastiff named Swagger will lead players onto the field this season. That should bring a new level of excitement to the Browns. Along with that Johnny Football guy. Remember him?
Anyway, the big question is why this hasn’t happened before. Other teams have live mascots and it seems to work just fine. Cleveland already had the Dawg Pound. There was no reason not to have a live dog out there with the fans and bringing the players onto the field at every home game.
Hopefully the dog won’t try to attack any of the players when it’s on the field–unless that somehow benefits whatever team we’re backing. For the time being though, Swagger will bring some more energy to FirstEnergy Stadium and with a lot of excitement around Cleveland for their sports teams; it could bring on a completely new mentality around the Browns.

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