Aida Yespica: Her 33 Sexiest Shots For Her 33rd Birthday [PHOTOS]

 Sexy lingerie model and Venezuelan television personality Aida Yespica is turning 33 years old today, and no extra points for guessing that she has a soccer player in her past. In fact, we’re sad to announce that Aida Yespica has hooked up with Italian football star Matteo Ferrari and Arsenal player Mesut Özil. We hate to say it, but we’re beginning to think these soccer players are the types who only go after lingerie models and bikini models.  [photo via…]

We, however, love Aida Yespica for her mind–or at least a fiery attitude that took her from being a mere beauty queen to a Venezuelan favorite. Aida started out as a 2002 Miss Venezuela contestant representing the state of Amazonas. That got us pretty excited to think she’s some kind of Amazon, but Aida really stands a relatively modest 5’8″. We mean that’s modest for a model. Aida was still able to soon hit the sidewalks. She had time to take on a modeling career because she was just the runner-up in that year’s pageant. It must have been a hell of a year.

Anyway, Aida soon showed off her personality with appearances on both the Spanish and Italian version of Survivor. That really helped her break out as an international attraction, and we’re also very attracted here in the States. We guess she’s more of a cultish sex symbol here–but check out these 33 sensational shots for her 33rd birthday, and you’ll be building her a shrine, too…

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