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Supermodel Simone Villar: The Larissa Riquelme Of World Cup 2014 [PICS]


Simone Villar 31

Our favorite World Cup tradition has been speculating on what beautiful babe would go on to become the next Larissa Riquelme–that being the Paraguayan beauty who became a sensation at the 2010 FIFA World Cup by promising to run naked through the streets if her team won. She kept that promise even after her team lost. But the main thing about Larissa Riquelme is how she became an international sensation with her breasts bouncing while she cheered on her home team.

We even started the 2014 FIFA World Cup by speculating on who would be the next Larissa Riquelme–and remembering the hot competition between Larissa and the Argentinian beauty named Dorismar. (We couldn’t count sexy sportscasters Vanessa Huppenkothen and Andressa Urach.) Now it looks like the winner is German beauty Simone Villa. The cameras sure loved to capture this lady cheering her team on to a world championship.

Fortunately, Simone Villa comes prepared to be discovered by a whole new world outside of her native Germany. It’s no surprise that her Twitter account has blown up overnight. We know that Simone was shameless vamping for the cameras all through the championship game, but that’s just part of the hot competition at the World Cup. Nobody’s going to give her a red card for that. Instead, let’s all celebrate Simone by checking out some hot pics from her Instagram account, while knowing that we’ll be seeing plenty more of her soon…

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