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Irina Shayk ( And Her Twins) Sells Us On Twin Set Lingerie [PICS]


There’s a biblical reference to breasts as “twins” in the Old Testament’s book of “Song of Solomon”–and we’re reminded of that while checking out Irina Shayk’s heavenly new spread for the Twin Set line of lingerie. The stacked Russian beauty is showing off luscious lacy loveliness, and probably providing lots of consolation for her soccer-star boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. His team didn’t fare really well while playing for Portugal, but we can’t think of a better consolation prize than coming home to Irina Shayk.

We’re thinking that some guys might even find these pics more exciting than the World Cup. Sadly, the Twin Set company (which also makes fine casual clothing and swimwear) is an Italian empire that currently isn’t set to sell to U.S. customers. That’s a shame, because we’re absolutely convinced that all of our girlfriends will look just like Irina Shayk once they’re in some of these underthings. Still, it can’t hurt to stare at these pics and get a pretty good mental image to bring up some time. You know, in case of emergency…

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